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Walmer's Past
Read about "Times Past" in Walmer and Deal
A reading list compiled with the help of Kent County Council's Arts and Libraries Service.
Some books are now available as free downloads, suitable for browsing on computers and e-readers like the Kindle.
We've included links to those we know about. If you know of more, please let us know.

A Mine of Humour by George Brailsford (2010, £3.99). A humorous account of life in the former coal mines around Deal.

An Illustrated Deal, Walmer and Sandwich (1895).

Book of Deal and Walmer by Ivan Green.

Book of Deal and Walmer, The (Deal Corporation, 1938). A 64-page guidebook. For on-line extracts go to the DealWeb website.

Bygone Deal and Walmer by Beryl Foley-Fisher (Phillimore, 1989). Photographs and maps with historical notes.

Deal: All in the Downs by Gregory Holyoake (SB Publications, 2008).

Deal and District at War by David G. Collyer (The History Press, 2009)

Deal and Walmer, A Celebration by Gregory Holyoake.

Deal in Old Photographs by June Broady (1989). Old photographs, many from the Deal Maritime and Local History Museum collections.

Deal Railway Station 1847 to 1995 by A L Minter

Deal: Sad Smuggling Town by Gregory Holyoake (2001).

Deal Through Time by Robert Turcan (Amberley Publishing, published 2012, £14.99). A brief history and many photographs tracing the development of the town over the past century.

Deal, Walmer Dover and The Kent Coast by R J W Hammond (1965).

Discovering Deal by Barbara Collins (1969). A 50-page pamphlet.

East Kent at War: in old photographs by David G. Collyer (Sutton Publishing, published 1998).

From Seam to Sea by Deal Writers Group (2011, £4.50). An anthology in prose and verse, celebrating links between the former coalfields and Deal.

Hasted's Kent - Deal, Great Mongeham, Little Mongeham, Ripple, Walmer (Kent Towns & Villages) by Edward Hasted (paperback, 2008).

History of Deal by John Laker (1917). Possibly the first researched history of Deal.

History of Deal, 1914-1935 by Edward Charles Pain (1953; 148 pages).

History of Deal and its Neighbourhood, A by Stephen Pritchard (1864). Free Google E-book download.

History of Deal, A by Gertrude Nunns (2006).

Old Deal and Walmer by Gregory Holyoak (Meresborough Books, 1981; 48 pages).

Picture Palaces Remembered by John Roy and Tony Thompson (1987). The cinemas of Dover, Deal and Folkestone in the 20th century.

Records of Walmer by Charles R. S. Elvin (1890). WalmerWeb has an extract here. Free download.

Royal Marines Deal - a Pictorial History by Andrew Lane (Halsgrove Press, 2000; 144 pages). Over 200 photographs from the Royal Marines Museum.

Sketches of Deal, Walmer and Sandwich by J. L. Roget (Longmans, Green, 1911; 63 pages).

Story of Dola by Henry Chapman (G. Newnes Ltd, 1921; 174 pages). A romantic history of early Britain.

The Anglo-Saxon Cemetery on Mill Hill, Deal, Kent by Keith Parfitt and Birte Brugmann (paperback, 1997, published by the Society for Medieval Archaeology, ISBN: 978 9 990182 49 1).

The Boy Who Led Them by George Chittenden {published by Austin & Macauley; 2012, £7.99). A fictional account referring to Deal's smuggling past.

The Coldest Place in England by Tony Arnold (Joem Gallery, 1995).

The History of Walmer and Walmer Castle by Charles Elvin (1894) . Free download.

The Invaders Shore by W P D Stebbing (1937). Historical analysis of buildings and activities in Deal.

The Old Pubs of Deal and Walmer by Steve Glover and Michael Rogers (published 2010).

The Two Whalers; or, Adventures in the Pacific by William Henry Giles Kingston (1814-1880). Fictional account of Jack, a young teenager from Deal, and his adventures when he goes to sea. Free download.

Traders Remembered in Deal and Walmer by Judith Gaunt (Bygone Publishing, published 2012, £12.99). Historic photographs of local shops and businesses.

Walmer Castle and it’s Lords Warden by Marquess Curzon of Keddleston.

Walmer Design Statement (Walmer Parish Council, £4.95). A detailed picture of Walmer at the beginning of the 21st Century. Free PDF download.

Wellington at Walmer by Gregory Holyoake (Regency Press (London & New York) Ltd, 1995).

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